Holistic Health

Holistic Health is my ‘thing’.  It has been my ‘thing’ for a very long time now.  I started my journey into Holistic Health in the early 90’s, studying Remedial Therapies (Massage – Therapeutic and  Relaxation/ Aromatherapy / Reflexology), and then Kinesiology.  I love bodies and muscles, and how we fit in them and utilize them.  My whole focus was comfort in the physical realm, with the added understanding of balance from my Kinesiology studies.  I worked on professional sports people, tradies, those with disabilities, those with work injuries.. loved it all…

I then studied Reiki and fell in love with the energy systems of the body and added this to my tool box.

I had an epiphany in the early 2000’s and realised the importance of helping people on all levels of experience – Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual.  This led me to the next chapter of learning and into Mind-Body Medicine and Holistic Counselling.

Where ever you are in life, I can stand with you and offer insight and direction.. education and skills.  It is funny, grounded, practical and profound.  Let’s take that journey together for a while.. you won’t need me long, I pride myself on results and appropriate timeframes with ‘therapy’.

So, if you are dying or supporting someone who is going through their dying process.. if you are in pain, or supporting someone through their pain process, are ‘stuck’ or supporting someone who is ‘stuck’, sick or supporting someone going through a sickness, stressed or supporting someone who is stressed… come and book in for a session. If you feel flat, depleted, defeated and completely ‘over it’ – come and be nurtured and restored.

If you wish to understand more about becoming healthy and well – come and learn.

I look forward to seeing you here soon.