Helping your workers stay healthy and happy is going to do wonders for your bottom line.

My Holistic Health programs aim to improve the health and happiness of your employees, build co-worker relationships and decrease injury and illness – improving performance and focus.

Examples of previous my experience in workplaces include:

Reward or Incentive

  • Rewarding a deserving employee with a Gift Voucher to receive a Private Consultation that may be 60 or 90 minutes Foot Reflexology, Remedial Massage, Relaxation pampering, or Mindfulness/Meditation Session.
  • Likewise, you may encourage an employee who is clearly going through, or having a difficult time to come and receive a Private Consultation that can be one of the prior options, or a Counselling session to address what is happening and how they can improve the situation for themselves.

Weekly or Fortnightly health session at your Office

  • GROUP MINI WORKSHOPS:  30 – 60 minutes

Fun and Educational, the topics can range from Stretching/Posture to avoid injury, Meditation & Mindfulness in the workplace, How to reduce Headaches and Eye Strain, Foods to boost Energy, Balancing physical/emotional/mental and spiritual Health, Basic Nutrition, The importance of Exercise for emotional/mental health, How to manage anger and communicate effectively, Goal  Setting and Achievement and Art Therapy


Give your employees a pampering with a variety of different therapies including Remedial Massage (neck & shoulder), Foot Reflexology, Ear Acupoint Therapy (great for stress / energy / pain), Personalized Stretching Routines, Face and Scalp Massage or Individual Needs driven sessions.


Hosting a conference and want to address the Health and Wellness needs of attendee’s?  Having your own dedicated Therapist on board to give individual attention to employees in order to improve their ability to achieve Life goals, garner happiness from self-improvement and challenges, to educate on long term health matters, I have years of experience in the Health Retreat Business and can bring with me a team to pamper your most valuable assets.  Amazing benefits and can fit into your Conference Schedule easily.

I am an educator in making Felt Fabrics, and also offer an interesting Art experience

Please contact me to discuss what is possible for your workplace.