Mind-Body Medicine & Holistic Counselling

droppedImageBoth Eastern and Western Medicine and Science have collected many years of research proving links between negative Mind (mental and emotional) states to modern physical diseases. Depressed people have greater rates of Heart Disease than smokers.  Mind-Body Medicine a completely integrative approaches that takes into account all aspects of an individual’s approach to themselves and significant others, their life and the inevitable challenges that occur. Diet, Lifestyle, Relationships & Perceptions are all equally important.

droppedImage_1The Therapy’s focus is on the achievement of greater happiness and wellbeing through self-actualisation and empowerment, education in regards to nutrition and lifestyle choices, and through gaining broader, wiser and lasting positive perspectives on problem areas with others and ourselves. Flower Essence Therapy is used to support the client during the process of change.

droppedImage_2As your therapist I offer a supportive and positive environment in which you can speak freely about your life and concerns, frustrations and anger. I have worked with people with disabilities, teenagers, children, and those with fertility & post- pregnancy concerns and those living with a terminal diagnosis (and their loved ones). Holistic Counselling helps with grief, shock, anger problems, insomnia, chronic pain, and states of anxiety or fear