Remedial Massage

droppedImage_3If you are scared to get a massage, if you don’t like being hurt, if you hate getting inattentive rub-downs that don’t really address the problem or if you hate being touched but need to seek treatments– I am the therapist for you!

I combine my skills and 18 years of experience in Relaxing and Therapeutic Massage, Deep Tissue and Acupressure (Body & Ear), Polarity and Reflexology (Foot & Hand), Trigger Points and Cupping and Polarity Therapy to give you an amazing Massage experience.

droppedImage_4I offer a quiet place (no inane chatter) for you to truly enjoy the Mind-Body connection that occurs when you get a “good” massage. I address your muscular & mental tension, physical limitations and pain and offer stretching and practical advice on how to improve the problem between treatments. This ensures that you will improve more rapidly and need to spend less money on continual treatments.

If I am unable to help you achieve your healing goals within the set time frame, I will refer you on to a professional who can!

As an active member of ANTA, you will be able to claim a portion of your treatment from your nominated Health Fund.